There are three churches in the Parish where the Anglican community gather, the Taree Parish Church of Saint John the Divine, the Chatham Church of Saint Mark the Evangelist, and the Old Bar Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Fatima.

There are six different congregations; four gather on Sunday and two during the week. The Holy Eucharist is celebrated amongst the six congregations, and there are additional celebrations on Tuesday and Friday morning. Morning Prayer is normally said every day at 7.00am and Evening Prayer at 5.30pm. The Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Parish Church is opened every day after Morning Prayer.

The Anglican people of the Parish operate the Anglican Blue Cross Shop and the Anglican Blue Cross Emergency Relief Centre. The Samaritans Foundation, the social caring agency of the Anglican Church, sponsors four group homes for people living with disabilities ĎAssetí programme for young people living with disabilities, and the Youth Crisis centre. Storm Retirement Village and Bishop Tyrrell Place are the aged care facilities of the Church. Manning Valley Anglican College is a school from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The new Cundletown Church of Saint Thomas which is to be built, will serve as a Chapel for both the school and Bishop Tyrell Place as well as a church for the people of Cundletown.

Parish Ministry is under the supervision of the Rector of Taree assisted by two Priests, two Deacons and all of the people who make up the Anglican Community of the Parish.








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